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What Do You Do With 100s Of Broken Competitor Glue Guns?

We’ve already seen how glue sticks can be used for artistic purposes – but what about glue guns themselves? Armed with 100’s of broken competitor glue guns, we challenged a group of local art students to see what they could create.

All of the pieces were made by Art & Design Mentors at Manchester School of Art, MMU. The Mentors are students at the School of Art who take time outside of their studies to work with schools and community groups on creative projects.


We set up a space for the students to work on pieces around the theme “recycling”. They came up with a diverse range of ideas, from trees to butterflies. All of the work highlights the importance of recycling, so has a strong message behind the interesting aesthetics.

We’d like to thank Joanna Roy (pictured below with her work), Charlotte Cotterill, Charlotte Davies, Qaainat Irfan, Jennifer Woodward, Thea Lucock, Sean Redmile, Carly Bainbridge and Hannah Allen for their help with this project.


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