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Keep your glue sticks warm

Its approaching the time of the year when temperatures drop, factories and offices across the UK are gradually firing up the their heating systems.

The autumn chill has started, can we crank up the thermostat yet? Despite the morning chill, according to scientists global temperatures are warmer now than at any time in at least 4,000 years!

On saying this, you must keep your glue sticks warm, now the chill has arrived and to get the best performance from your glue sticks, especially the harder, fast setting grades such as Tecbond 214-12-300 or Tecbond 14-12-300 please store your glue sticks in a clean dry place at temperatures between 5c and 30c with containers or boxes kept closed and always use oldest stock first.

Keep your glue sticks warms, store between 5c and 30c

Yes the cold does affect the glue sticks ability to travel smoothly through the glue gun trigger feed, especially the hard, fast setting grades. By keeping your glue sticks above 5c and not exceeding 30c this will help to prevent the glue sticks from “slipping” in the glue chamber and trigger feed. If you are experiencing severe slippage of the glue stick, by adding a teaspoon of talc to the carton of glue sticks and a quick shake this will help resolve slippage issues.

The cold can make the glue sticks to hard for the trigger feed to grip without slipping. A common problem when the temperatures drop. Please keep your glue sticks warm!

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