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Carton closing, Box sealing – we have the answer to your gluing problem!


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Carton closing, tray erecting, box sealing, deep freeze or cold storage, closure of folding boxes, UV varnished board, security packaging, difficult surface bonding – we have the answer to your gluing problem.

Tecbond shaped hot melt adhesives have been sealing cartons, tray erecting and carton closing for many years. They are ideal for small to large volume production runs and for end of line sealing of ‘pop’ open cartons.





Tecbond glue guns and glue sticks offer perfect sealing of cartons without masking the carton design or imagery!



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Sturdy, sealed cartons instantly with Tecbond glue sticks!

For further details or to arrange a demonstration of our Tec range of glue guns and Tecbond range of glue sticks, please call 0161 627 1001 or email:


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