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Feeling Crafty, What can we GLUE for you?

Latest video released showing the Tec 305-12, Tec 805-12 and Tec 810-12 glue guns with Tecbond 132-12-300 bonding materials found on a beach foreshore and creating works of art and great gift ideas.


All you need is a bit of inspiration and a Tec glue gun

Tec glue guns and Tecbond glue sticks are used extensively in the Arts and Crafts fields covering off many applications for bonding of fabrics, sweet trees, paper, driftwood, card, cork, buttons, string, foil, tin cans, bottle tops, plastics, cork, ribbons, board, novelty and gift items. Art and crafts markets encompasses a vast range of creative ideas, challenging materials and we have the sticking power!


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