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What is the difference between the Tec 12mm glue guns

Common question we are asked “What is the difference between the Tec 12mm glue guns”


The simple answer is output of adhesive, more powerful the tool equals greater adhesive flow.

12mm guns

Still taken from the video showing the Tec 12mm glue gun range

There are many other differences between the tools, for example the Tec 820 comes with the ability to change the temperature of the tool (adjustable temperature) to allow use with Low Melt adhesives to high temperature Polyamides adhesives. When using Tecbond 263 hot melt adhesive for bonding polypropylene (PP) or Corrugated Plastic Sheet, also known as polypropylene fluted board (Correx) you need to get the glue down as hot as possible, the Tec 820 is the perfect tool for this application.

Tec 305-12, Tec 806-12, Tec 810-12, Tec 820-12 and Gas-Tec 600 glue guns are covered in this video

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