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Powerful 43mm hot melt glue guns

High output 43mm powerful hot melt glue guns ideal for the most demanding applications. Bring out the big guns and take a look at our range:



Tec 3150 – 300 watts, efficient and reliable low cost 43mm glue gun
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Tec 3200 – 400 watts, extremely robust, Auto-Standby Function, high output Industrial glue gun
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Tec 6100 – 500 watts and capable of dispensing up to 4.1 kilos of molten adhesive per hour. Pneumatic and effortless to use.
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Tec 7100 – Probably the most powerful hand held glue gun available, 1000 watts of power, with pneumatic speed loader. Effortless to use !
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Take a look at our range of 43mm glue slugs – challenge us, we can bond anything!

All 43mm Tec glue guns are made to a very high specification in the UK and offers industry a rugged and reliable production tool at exceptional value for money and a 12 month warranty.


Have broken glue gun, exchange it for a new Tec glue gun – Click  For  More Details


Why you should only use Tecbond 43mm slugs in Tec 43mm glue guns

Only use specified Tecbond 43mm glue slugs / cartridges within the Tec 43mm glue gun range – Click Here


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