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Do you remember the Plastitherm PG 751 Glue Gun?

Plastitherm PG 751 Glue Gun was the first glue gun sold by the Kenyon Group in 1979

The Plastitherm PG751 glue gun was a pneumatic tool which accepted a 25mm dia glue slug which had a sleeve around the adhesive which acted as a seal within the tool.  This glue gun was developed by Tivoli Kay who were based in Bury, Lancashire.

Any customers old or new remember using this tool, we would love to hear from you………..

40 years later, and we are probably the largest supplier of Tec glue gun and Tecbond adhesives in the UK, if not Europe and it all started with the Plastitherm PG751 glue gun!

Love the sales literature at the time displaying the original company name which was founded by the late Frank Kenyon, whose background was in engineering.

Anyone remember using a Telex machine ?


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