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Tecbond hot melt adhesives for filter manufacturing and assembly

The filter market is complexed, and the adhesive supplier needs to understand the challenges and the manufacturing processes. As the filter technology changes, materials and processes change to meet market demands and adhesives must be one step ahead offering the right product to solve adhesion problems.

Tecbond glue sticks are manufactured in Basildon and are based on a range of formulations ranging from EVA, Polyolefin, Polyamide right through to Acrylic in order to meet the ever-changing and challenging materials used in today’s filter markets.

What can we GLUE for you?

We a proven range of Tecbond hot melt adhesives for your filtration applications. If you have an adhesive problem, struggling to bond A to B, incumbent supplier let you down, don’t come unstuck, call Tony today on 0161 627 1001 and stayed GLUED with a Tecbond hot melt adhesive.

Made in Basildon, stocked in Oldham for next day delivery across the UK – visit www.gluegunsdirect.com proud to support Guide Dogs

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