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Adhesives go from strength to strength!

We have been asked so many times why we don’t have our own brand range of PVA adhesives, or even when we will be launching our own brand range.  Well…… ask no more – we are extremely proud to announce the launch of Kenyon D3 PVA Adhesive.

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Our technical team have done much research into this and we are now in a position to be able to deliver a range of D3 adhesives, which offer top-quality performance and excellent durability – something a bit different to the standard off-the-shelf grades.  With a slight twist on our standard tagline of “Challenge us, we can bond anything”, we challenged our technical team to find us a PVA adhesive range so good we would put our name on it – a glue that would deliver unquestionable results.

Chris Brown, technical sales manager, says “Coming from a production background it’s important to understand adhesives and have a product that’s going to keep you gluing.  I spent a lot of time with the team working on these exciting products, which excelled during trials in many different markets.  Feedback was 5-star and I’m looking forward to taking these grades to a wider audience and watching the Kenyon own brand grow from strength to strength”.

So, what’s coming to the market and when?

We will be launching with Kenyon D3 PVA and Kenyon D3 Plus PVA, both of which are formulated for:

  • window manufacturing
  • flat lamination
  • furniture production
  • parquet flooring
  • door production
  • veneering
  • solid wood bonding
  • general assembly
  • general joinery
  • frame assembly
  • laminating doors & similar constructions
  • surface bonding of HPL/CPL in short cycle presses
  • carcase & assembly gluing
  • layer boards
  • bonding joints in boards
  • block gluing of softwoods, chipboard as well as hardwoods
  • EDPM roofing
  • and the list goes on

 Multi layer bonding with Kenyon D3 PVA

To compliment the Kenyon D3 range we will add a one-component D4 PVAc adhesive by Christmas, which will offer what you would normally expect from a D4 PVA adhesive: excellent water resistance and fast setting time.  The main benefits of the Kenyon D4 will be product stability, improved adhesion on difficult wood species (oak and larch) and no discolouration of the glue line when pressing with heat.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Apart from the top-quality performance of these products, our fantastic delivery options, and large stock holding across three UK warehouses, what really makes us stand out is the option to upgrade to our delivery & collection service.  When we deliver these glues in their IBC tanks, we will collect the empty tanks from your previous order(s) at the same time!  No more having empty tanks cluttering your yard and making your premises look unsightly, no more hassle trying to get the tanks collected by the supplier & waiting weeks, that’s if they will even collect – you can upgrade to our delivery & collection service, and we will collect any empty tanks that we have supplied!  Let us make your gluing easy and hassle free, with delivery on time, technical support, competitive pricing and our deliver & collect service.

James Hamilton, technical sales manager, says “When speaking with many companies who run PVA adhesives, it became apparent that there was a gap in the market when it came to the collection of their empty IBC tanks.  We know through our own experiences that trying to get the tanks collected can be a long, sometimes drawn out process, and normally requires companies having to build up multiple empty tanks to make the collection viable.  With many manufacturers struggling for space, the build-up of these tanks can be problematic, not to mention the fact that it makes their premises look unsightly.   This is why we decided it was time to change the status quo and offer something different – our delivery & collection service.  We feel this will be of great benefit to many companies, and it takes away the hassle and costs involved.

More details on Kenyon D3 PVA – email:

The addition of this service to our current package is just another reason why production managers and procurement managers should think ‘Kenyon’s’ when looking to improve their daily operations and production lines.

This is a great opportunity for us and something I’m really looking forward to being part of going forward.  Through our partnership with Henkel we already offer their full range of PVA adhesives, but having an option to add our own brand range to this is fantastic and something I think will prove very successful.”



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