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Egdebanding with Micro Emission PUR adhesives

Kenyon’s have been keeping your edgebanders gluing since 1979 delivering the complete package – quality products, excellent service, technical support and product training. Kenyon’s have grown into Henkel’s number one supply route for adhesives across the UK to woodworking and building components, and are proud to be Henkel’s Premium Partner.

Did you know, Henkel offer Micro Emission edgebanding adhesives supplied under the tried, tested and proven TECHNOMELT brand name used by many of the well-known UK and European furniture manufacturers.

With companies becoming increasingly mindful of health and safety, they are now asking Kenyon’s what options are available with the PUR adhesives, that would allow them to improve their operating procedures whilst at the same time reducing risk.  The solution is simple – TECHNOMELT PUR 270-9 ME or for machine speeds up to 80m/min TECHNOMELT PUR 270-5 ME.  These two grades offer the same performance benefits that come with PUR technologies, but without the hazardous labelling, making it more environmentally friendly and safer for operators to handle.

Why use Micro emission PUR adhesives?

Micro emission PUR adhesives from Henkel, such as TECHNOMELT PUR 270-9 ME and TECHNOMELT PUR 270-5 ME, contain less than 0.1 % Isocyanate, therefore reducing the hazardous isocyanate-containing vapours by up to a staggering 90%!  Nobody likes warning labels and the fact that we can now eliminate this has huge benefits not only to ourselves but also for end users, whilst still providing them with a PUR adhesives used for bonding all commonly used edging materials; PVC, ABS, veneer and solid wood to core boards.

Ian Kenyon, Managing Director says “Having tested the TECHNOMELT PUR 270-9 ME and TECHNOMELT PUR 270-5 ME, I’m confident that these adhesives run very similar to the market leading TECHNOMELT PUR 270-7, which is our premium hot melt adhesive for edgebanding and our highest selling product, due to its clean running and many performance benefits.  This is something that is always commented on by companies who are starting to use it for the first time.

I think that by adding Micro Emission PUR adhesives to compliment the range, we now have the ability to meet the demands put forward by companies and deliver on what is expected in these ever-changing times.  TECHNOMELT Micro Emission PUR adhesives offer everything you would expect from a Henkel PUR adhesive – low coat weight, tight joints, invisible glue lines, exceptional high performance combined with excellent heat and water resistance.  And these grades have less environmental impact – the complete all round package.  TECHNOMELT 270-9 ME and TECHNOMELT 270-5 ME are proving to be the win-win product of 2021. TECHNOMELT Micro Emission PUR adhesives really are the future for our customers and the planet!”

Supplied from stock in 2KG blocks, 20KG drums and 200KG drums – we have your application covered and the environmental impact reduced!  So why not improve your microclimate at the same time as improving your production by changing to TECHNOMELT Micro Emission PUR adhesive today!

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