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Foam Bonding

Tecbond Sprayable Hot Melt Adhesives.

Solvented adhesives are now becoming redundant in the foam converting, upholstery, seating, insulation, sound deadening and protective packaging markets as customers seek a more environmentally friendly approach.

Think Glue

Water based products (2 components) adhesives have been the option available, but now hot melt adhesives are finding their place replacing the need of extraction, spray booths, two component spray equipment and mixings. Hot melt adhesives are easy to use, clean and fast setting, giving the operator flexibility and speed to increase production.


The demand is for a hot melt adhesive which offers high performance and environmentally friendly for bonding foam to foam, and foam to a range of similar and dissimilar substrates, including ABS, PP, Cotton-back Vinyl, Vacuum Foamed Mouldings, Bubble Film and metals.

Key benefits from using Tecbond sprayable hot melt adhesives are:

  • Very soft glue line
  • No solvent content
  • Just one adhesive for different substrates
  • Stops the use of ozone depleting chemicals
  • No toxic emissions into the atmosphere
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • No special requirement for storage and handling
  • No requirement for spray booths
  • No mixing of adhesives and activators
  • Easy to use, fast and clean


Tecbond 420/43 an excellent heat resistance (90c), immediate grab and high tack. Tecbond 420/43 is a versatile foam bonding grade and when applied in bead form achieves goods bond on most plastics including some polyolefin’s. Up to 3 minute open time.

Tecbond 425/43 the best Tecbond hot melt sprayable foam bonding adhesive on the market today, delivering soft glue lines and a high grab and tack. Ideal for bull nosing high memory foam and difficult substrates including foam to PP as used in office seating manufacture. Excellent for bonding micro fleece to foam. Up to 3 minute open time.

Tecbond 430/43 is a versatile and cost effective, designed for foam conversion, foam lamination and insulation applications. This grade offers soft glue lines and immediate grab. Up to 6 minute open time.

Recommended Tec Glue Guns
Tec 6300 | Tec 6300 EX | Tec 7300 | Tec 7300 EX or for bead applications Tec 6100 | Tec 7100

We also offer a range of Pressure Sensitive hot melt adhesives for foam bonding from Henkel Adhesives.

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