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Kenyon PVAc Adhesives and the colder months over winter

Autumn to Spring there is always a risk during this period that temperature could plummet below 5c !

Kenyon PVAc adhesives need protecting from the cold weather to prevent the risk of it impacting the adhesives performance. As a general rule we will not ship Kenyon PVAc adhesives on a Friday during the colder months as there is a risk of the adhesive not being stored suitably over the weekend !

Cold temperatures affect the adhesive performance!

  • Colder temperatures increase the adhesive viscosity making the product thicker
  • Increase viscosity slows down adhesive’s ability to penetrate into the core boards
  • Water releases more slowly resulting in slower curing
  • Increase viscosity can cause stringing or a risk of bubbling when pressing
  • If the adhesive has been subjected to frost you will notice coagulation (clumping) of the adhesive – do not use !
  • Store Kenyon PVAc adhesives away from frost in tightly closed original containers between +5°C and +35°C.
  • Always read the MSDS (SDS) and TDS data prior to use

Cold weather can also affect the core boards, laminates, veneers etc and ultimately impact the final bond !

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