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Point of Sale & Point of Purchase

Are you gluing Totem Displays, Merchandising Units, Free Standing Display, or Counter Display constructed from corrugated or solid boards with a high quality flexographic or lithographic print finish for Point of Sale (POS) or Point of Purchase (POP)?

Tecbond Hot Melt and Low Melt adhesives are perfect for the task in hand.

Tecbond glue sticks are made in the UK to the highest standards and precise tolerance and with over 40 different formulations, plus custom formulations to choose from, we have your application covered.



Tecbond 134
Low cost fast set time and medium viscosity,  used on a wide range of paper, card, plain and printed board materials.
Tecbond 134 12mm | Tecbond 134 15mm

Tecbond 214
Tried, tested and the industry standard for POS and POP applications. Fast setting and economical.
Tecbond 214 12mm | Tecbond 214 15mm | Tecbond 214 43mm


Tecbond 261
Flexible glue line for bonding difficult surfaces, laminates and UV varnished boards.
Tecbond 261 12mm | Tecbond 261 43mm

Tecbond 265
High performance grade for bonding variety of plastics, laminates and many UV cured varnishes.
Tecbond 265 43mm

When you need glue fast – Think Tecbond 15mm glue sticks.

Tecbond 15mm glue sticks offer an increased output of 30% more molten glue per trigger pull, and with the glue gun holding up to 60% more glue means you do not need to reload as often as you would with a standard 12mm glue stick!

Low melt adhesives and guns are safe and easy to us. They carry a reduced risk of burns due to a lower application temperature and are commonly used for bonding heat sensitive materials e.g. polystyrene or for delicate intricate work.

Our range of shaped hot and low melt adhesives are World leading and offer a range based on EVA, Polyamide, Acrylic, Polyurethane (PUR), Polypropylene and Polyolefin.

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It’s not surprising that we like to say, What Can We GLUE For You!

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