TEC 305 12mm Glue Gun

Probably the best crafting glue gun available

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Probably the best craft glue gun available!

Tec 305-12 offers unrivalled reliability, ease of use and exceptional adhesive melt rate for a glue gun of its size and is fitted with Eco efficient self-regulating heaters which deliver 750grms of molten adhesive per hour.

Tec 305-12 is ideally suited to applications where small quantities of adhesive are required repetitively in model making, arts & crafts, schools and general use. Reaches full operating temperature in 5 minute and will run on most voltages from 110v to 240v.

The narrow profile of the Tec 305-12 aids visibility, allowing the molten Tecbond adhesive to be placed with high accuracy which is idea for bonding delicate items such as sequins and diamante bonding when used with Tecbond 132/12/300 glue sticks.

Details of the Tec applicator warranty - Click Here 

Want to try a Tecbond glue stick, call 0161 627 1001 or email: sales@gluegunsdirect.com and request a sample. View our range of 12mm glue sticks or try our Glue Selector



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  • UK Warranty: UK 12 months warranty when used with Tecbond glue sticks
  • Voltage: 100-240 Volt, self-regulating
  • Hotmelt Gun: 190°C
  • Lowmelt Gun: 130°C
  • Melt Rate: 750g/hr
  • Wattage: 120 Watt
  • Heater: PTC
  • Temp Control: Self-regulating heater
  • Power Cable: 1.8m
  • Weight: 230g

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