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CASTTEC 42-43 GP Precast adhesive

CASTTEC 42-43 GP Precast adhesive

Hot melt system specifically designed for the precast concrete industry

Adhesive Type: Synthetic polymer based hot melt

Carton Qty Approx: 10 kilo carton approx 17 glue slugs per kilo

Diameter: 43mm


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CASTTEC 42 GP is a high performance, extended open time adhesive that can be applied as a bead, dots or sprayed. The adhesive has been specially formulated for the precast concrete industry and will bond wood, plastic, metal and foam to mould bases. It has a very fast delivery rate, versatile bonding yet is easy to clean up from mould bases.

Also available in pillows for continuous and bulk tank system gluing (Casttec 42-PL) call for price: 0161 627 1001

The casttec® hot melt system is designed and produced to save companies in the precast / pre-stressed concrete industry time and money. Intended to make the daily process of form work easier and faster, with casttec® there’s no nailing, welding or bolting that can damage the quality and life expectancy of your concrete forms. The adhesive is instant-acting and strong enough to secure weld plates, foam inserts, wood, plastic or metal reveal and chamfer to steel and resin coated casting surfaces throughout the forming, pouring and vibrating of concrete. Casttec® provides all the strength you need with ease of clean – which means no more grinding or cleaning with solvents to remove adhesive residue from double sided tapes or silicones.

The casttec® system contributes to fast, efficient work that saves time and money.

  • Speed of set: good molten tack holds inserts securely in position
  • Cost effective: a fraction of the cost of magnets and tapes
  • Fast work: instant bond, no need to fix or clamp bonded parts while glue sets
  • Easy clean-up: glue begins to crystallize after 8-10 hours to allow for easy and clean removal with a scraper
  • Versatile: bonds all common materials: metal, plastic, wood and foams • Bonds over form oil: can be used before or after light oil application, the heat of the glue can burn through the oil barrier
  • Continuous work: melt-on-demand guns mean that there’s no need to wait for glue to melt
  • Doesn’t melt foam: hot melt can be sprayed on, or use a special temperature module to extrude the hot melt directly on to polystyrene foam without damage
  • Safe to work with: solvent-free, non-flammable, no special storage, no VOC’s – contributing to a safe workplace, and a cleaner environment
  • No stringing: clean glue cut-off without stringing keeps work spaces clean


All constituent parts of this adhesive have been approved by the American F.D.A under C.F.R 21.175.105 (adhesives).

Important: Hot Melt Adhesives do have limitations! Being a thermoplastic product hot melt adhesives soften with heat and return to a solid state by the loss of heat. With this in mind, standard hot melt adhesives are not recommended for applications subjected to heat or direct sunlight. However, we do offer grades with high heat resistance. Water and hot melt adhesives are a bad combination – standard hot melt adhesives are not waterproof and should be avoided for external applications. On saying this, we do have PUR adhesives that can be use externally and can even be dry cleaned. We strongly recommend that you thoroughly test the product and satisfy yourselves that the product is suitable for your application. This product suggested uses are a generalised suggestion and other factors may play a role in achieving the required bond, e.g. heat resistance, chemical resistance, gap filling, surface area to glue, open time or a degree of glue flexibility may be required etc.

Please contact our technical team on 0161 627 1001 to discuss your application in further detail.

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