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Henkel Aquence FD151

Henkel Aquence FD151

Higher heat resistance with increased resistance to water & steam

Technology: PUR

Product Type: Dispersion

Application: 3D Application

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Henkel Aquence FD151 Two-Component (2C) with crosslinker added separately. It is used in conjunction with R397 hardener and has the lowest activation temperature of 50°C. It is clean spraying and offers a slight increase in heat resistance if additional hardener is added.  The normal 1:1 mix ratio allows for accurate mixing, which is normally completed after 5 minutes.

Application Areas

● Thermoforming presses (with and without membrane)

● Furniture fronts for the living area Product Properties

● Free of solvent

● Heat resistance variably adjustable

● Highest heat and moisture resistance

● Sealable at lowest temperature

Instructions for Use In general, AQUENCE FD 151 is applied together with 5% cross-linker AQUENCE CATALYST R 397, which should be slowly added to the dispersion glue under constant stirring.

The working temperature of the workpiece and glue should be over +18°C to achieve optimal bonding results. Lower working temperature results in higher viscosity of the glue. The glue mix is sprayed with an approperiate spraying gun (nozzle size: 1,4 to 2 mm). As a rule, it is sufficient to apply one coat to the flat surface. Open pore inner and outer radii, however, need to be coated a second time after a brief drying interval. The pre-glued pieces should be sealed within 24 hours to achieve optimum bond.

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