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Cleaning Agent for Polyurethane hotmelts and non-reactive hotmelts

Technology: PUR Cleaner

Product Type: Cleaning Agent

Appearance: Clear to slightly opaque liquid


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Application Areas Cleaning Agent for Polyurethane hotmelts and non-reactive hotmelts Product

Properties Cleaner for melting tanks, pumps, tube- and pipe systems as well as application units including nozzle applicators, specially to remove none cured and cured polyurethane hotmelt as well as cracked or charred residues.

Application Before cleaning remove adhesive from melting tank, pipes, and application systems. Our TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER ME should be filled in to cover all parts to be cleaned with the liquid. According to the degree of dirtiness, a cleaning time of one or more hours is necessary. A cleaning time of more than 8 hours should not be exceeded. It is advisable to cover open tanks during the cleaning procedure.

On applicators with a pump system, a better cleaning effect is achieved, when the cleaning agent is regularly circulating after a certain soaking time. Heavy dirt on the adhesive tanks should repeatedly be scrapped off, so that the cleaning agent can penetrate into the deeper deposits. Parts not covered with our cleaning agent can be cleaned if they are brushed several times with the heated cleaning agent.

Heavily charred sedimentations should be cleaned mechanically if necessary, and the tanks should be rinsed again with the cleaning agent.

At the end of the cleaning procedure all tubes, sieves and nozzles should be flushed thoroughly, in order to remove all loose sedimentation from the system. Equipment with filter should be rechecked and flushed again if required. Before you start to work, the system should be rinsed for safety reasons with adhesive respectively drain out the first adhesive refill in order to avoid bonding failures due to adhesive mixed with cleaning agent.

TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER ME may be re-used as long as it is capable of flowing at ambient temperature.

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