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TECHNOMELT 260/1 Micro Emissions Granules

TECHNOMELT 260/1 Micro Emissions Granules

Micro Emission (ME) PUR adhesive in GRANULES! – No warning labels, it’s time to change

Colour: Natural

Technology: Polyurethane

Product Type: Hot Melt


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Technomelt 260/1 ME Granules contains less than 0.1% monomeric diisocyanate, which therefore reduces the hazardous isocyanate-containing vapours by up to 90%.

Technomelt Micro Emissions (ME) PUR adhesives have no hazardous labels and do not require a specific professional training for operators which will be required when the legislation changes for standard PUR adhesives. Technomelt (ME) PUR adhesives offer easy and safe handling in production. Nobody likes warning labels and the fact that we can now eliminate this has huge benefits.

Product Advantages

  • MicroEmission (ME) contains less than 0,1% isocyanate monomer
  • MicroEmission (ME) reduces isocyanate vapors by up to 90%
  • High initial strength
  • Chemical cross-linking within few days
  • High final bond strength
  • Very high heat resistance (> 150 °C/> 302 °F) and cold flexibility
  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Produces tight joints


Store in the original tightly closed container in a cool, dry place.
Shelf-life (in unopened original packaging), months 9


Recommended working temperature 150°C
Since the product will cure when it is exposed to moisture, storage and application must be done under dry conditions. For this reason, the product is delivered in airtight containers.


Flushing the system with TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER 4 periodically or prior to changing to an alternative reactive hotmelt will reduce internal build-up of adhesive residue.

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