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Kenyon D3 Plus

Kenyon D3 Plus

D3 PVA Superior Performance

Technology: PVAc Dispersion

Product Type: D3 PVAc Adhesive

Application: Window Manufacturing, Flat Lamination, Furniture & Door Production, General Assembly

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Kenyon D3 Plus PVA for general joinery, frame assembly, laminating doors and similar constructions, surface bonding of HPL/CPL in short cycle presses, carcase and assembly gluing, bonding joints in boards and block gluing of softwoods and chipboard as well as hardwoods.

Kenyon D3 Plus has been formulated to a higher solids content delivering superior performance for window manufacturing, flat lamination, furniture production, parquet flooring, door production and solid wood bonding.

•             Available in 1 kilo, 5 kilo, 25 kilo pails and 1100 kilo IBC containers from stock

Kenyon D3 Plus includes a UV tracer allowing a close monitoring of the adhesive application to the substrate

*  excellent water resistance

*  sets very quickly

*  if heat is applied, you can shorten the pressing time

* the bonded joints are characterised by a good high temperature resistance

Storage Conditions: Store Kenyon D3 Plus away from frost in tightly closed original containers between +5°C and +35°C.

Please read the MSDS (SDS) and TDS data prior to use

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