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Artist and her glue gun

Inspired by Tecbond 132 Clear Glue Sticks


Artist Lisa Reid presses anything she finds in the garden or at the wholesalers – flowers throughout the seasons provide her with a range of colours, shapes and textures to create beautiful works of art.

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After completing a BA Hons in Interactive Art, the fascination of film and light became the foundation of new ideas, which eventually led her to pressing flowers. Quote ” I found the close up details of the petals amazing and what I was pressing felt bold and contemporary”. Many years ago she received a glue gun for Christmas and it was through play that she discovered she could suspend the flowers in the glue.


The clarity of the glue, gently suspending the petals gives an almost stained glass effect. The glow of light passing through, illuminating colour and texture. The light acts as one aspect of the perception of space and the clear glue holding the petals, creates the illusion of weightlessness.

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Lisa works from her studio creating large pieces for commission and smaller pieces in the form of cards. Over the years, stripping back the glue, making thinner strands to create delicate pieces has complimented the flowers and petals . The clarity of the glue really helps to bring out the beautiful colours and details of nature that is used in her work.

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Lisa also makes free hanging panels for commissions but the majority are framed in 5mm perspex, works brilliantly with the glue, letting the light come through.

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For more information or buy these amazing works of art please feel free to visit Lisa’s website:

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