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New 3 minute open time glue stick for product assembly

Exciting, new and innovated 3 minute open time glue stick !

Tecbond 280 is a polyolefin based adhesive which has been formulated to combine a long open time and high hot tack with excellent adhesion to a wide range substrates. A bead can still give excellent adhesion on wood up to 3 minutes after application at 195°C (depending on bead width). Also bonds made quickly are adjustable up to 3 minutes after adhesive application. Available in 12mm , 15mm and 43mm sticks and slugs suitable for Tec glue guns.

Long open time – approx. 3 minutes depending on surface and air temperature

High hot tack – also known as Molten Tack is a characteristic of hot melt adhesives in that they have holding power even while in the molten state. Especially important when heavy springy substrates are involved

Tecbond 280 sets to give a tough, highly flexible bond


Previously a glue stick stated as long open time could achieve at best 45 secs before reaching the point of setting or worse achieving a cold bond. Tecbond 280 is the first glue stick to hit the market offering extended open time to approx 3 minutes.

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