Technomelt PUR 270-5

Technomelt PUR 270-5

Fast line speeds up to 80m / min

  • Technology: Polyurethane
  • Product Type: Hot melt
  • Application: Edgebanding, Straightline, Softforming
  • IDH: 2072850 - 2kilo block, 2072849 - 20kilo drum
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TECHNOMELT PUR 270/5 Fast line speeds up to 80m/min

Application Areas

● Edgebanding as from feedrates of 30-80 m/min

● Edging material: veneer, melamine, polyester, HPL*, PVC*, ABS*, PP*

* Suitability depends on the individual characteristics of the edging material and how it is primed. In case of thick edges pre-tests should be carried out for suitability.

Product Properties

● Reactive hotmelt adhesive system based on


● High initial strength

● Chemical cross-linking within few days

● Forms an insoluble, thermoset film

● High final bond strength

● Very high heat resistance (> 150 °C) and cold flexibility

● Excellent water resistance

● Produces tight joints

● Clean working

● Particularly suitable for nozzle application

● Suitable for machine feedrates 30-80/min


Flushing the system with TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER 4 periodically or prior to changing to an alternative reactive hot melt will reduce internal build-up of adhesive residue. Application devices such as wheels and rolls that expose reactive adhesive to the air should be thoroughly flushed at the end of a production run or at anytime when there is build-up and gelling. We recommend for the cleaning of the application equipment TECHNOMELT PURCLEANER ME or TECHNOMELT PUR CLEANER ALL-IN-1. When working with the cleaning agents safety instructions must be considered. Follow also strictly the instructions of the machine manufacturer.



Technology Polyurethane
Product Type Hot melt
Application Edgebanding, Straightline, Softforming
IDH 2072850 - 2kilo block, 2072849 - 20kilo drum


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