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Tec 3508 43mm Battery Glue Gun

Tec 3508 43mm Battery Glue Gun

Cordless hot melt solutions

Optional Extras: TEC 3150 & TEC 3400

Glue Stick Diameter: 43mm glue slugs

Voltage: 54v

Wattage: 400w


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The Tec 3508 is a high output cordless industrial hot melt applicator designed to tackle any application without the constraint of power cables. Primarily used in the construction, precast, and product assembly industries, The Tec 3508 comes with a set of specific temperature modules so you can tailor the temperature to suit your application needs.

Running on the DeWalt®Flexvolt battery system, it is the first 43mm cordless hot melt applicator on the market. The tool delivers approximately three hours of runtime on a 9Ah battery (6Ah and 12Ah batteries can also be used).
Guaranteeing precise temperature control, the Tec 3508 comes with a selection of plug-in modules from 130°C to 215°C that automatically change the internal heater temperature.

Its class-leading melt rate of 3.2kg/hr, when combined with the range of 43mm tecbond adhesives ensures efficient adhesive flow, while its smaller trigger and handle over moulding gives a more comfortable grip and greater stabilisation.
Featuring an on/off switch for greater control and an auto shut-off for better energy consumption and decreased risk of adhesive meltback, the Tec 3508 is the premium choice among cordless hot melt applicators.
Temperature adjustability coupled with class-leading output.

• Cordless Operation – Fully-portable tool for more control with no trip hazards. Includes over-discharge protection to ensure battery safety.
• Interchangeable temperature modules – The Tec 3508 comes with five temperature modules to ensure the adhesive is applied at the optimum temperature for the job in hand.
• High output – Able to dispense around 3.2kg per hour at optimal temperature for the adhesive used, the Tec 3508 allows you to speed up your production processes.
• Full hand trigger – Adjustable metal trigger ensures maximum comfort and greater stability during extended periods of use.
• Auto Shut-Off – Tool automatically shuts off after 15 minutes to reduce energy consumption and the risk of glue melt back.
• Over-Discharge Protection – PCB will send a signal to shut off tool when battery power is low

Tec cordless glue guns are the only truly professional long run-time battery-operated tools available. Cordless operation provides a new freedom to apply fast-setting hot melt adhesives indoors and out. Ideal if mains power is not available or when extension leads are undesirable, such as in public areas, or when working at height on ladders and scaffolding.

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