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TEC 3500 43mm Glue Gun

TEC 3500 43mm Glue Gun

Intelligent automatic stand-by system

Type: Heavy duty, all-day use applications. Not for sporadic use as this may cause glue back up

UK Warranty: UK 12 months warranty when used with Tecbond glue sticks

Glue Stick Diameter: 43mm glue slugs


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Eco Friendly 43mm glue gun with high output which is electronically controlled for industrial use. Tec 3500 is a powerful tool featuring a patented ECOTEC technology for exceptional temperature control with eco-friendly phased standby operation. This tool is designed for heavy, all day use. Please do not leave this tool turn on all day with only sporadic use as this may cause glue back up ! Fit the 180c module if the tool is going to be used intermittently or left long periods without use to prevent backup

·         Better Temperature control  modules from 130c – 215c

·         Energy saving stand –by mode

·         Higher output & trigger boost

·         Fast recovery from standby

The new Tec 3500 glue gun has a higher output and also features a clever trigger boost system that increases power when the trigger is pulled, upping the output even more. This coupled with the fast recovery from standby, ensures that the adhesive is always applied at the right temperature for the application – vital for consistent and quality bonding.

Why you should only use Tecbond 43mm slugs in Tec 43mm glue guns

Only use specified Tecbond 43mm glue slugs / cartridges within the Tec 43mm glue gun range 

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